DOBBS PUBLIC SCHOOL has been started with the blessings under the able guidance of Dr.Thava thiru Kumaragurubara Swamigal of Kaumara Madalayam , Saravanapuram.

Our chairman Mr. V.R. Gnanasambandam MA. Med is our inspirational leader at the age of 80, with an academic experience of 50 years as a teacher and head of institution. In his glittering career spanning all these years, he is supported by his wife Mrs. P. Maragatham  BA, BT an eminent teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya (Air Force Station Sulur), who does not shy away to work even at the age of 72. This wealth of experience has been translated into Dobbs Public School.

With this infectious enthusiasm and inspiration Dobbs Public School has been entrusted in the able hands of well known educationalist and philanthropists.

Prof.M.Arappan MA (UK) MA,M.Ed,M.Phil,PGDTE(CIEFL) Formerly of Regional Institute of English,South India.He is a specialist in Communicative English, Phonetics & Phonology,Accent neutralisation ,Accent research,Handwriting improvement.

Dr.A.Soundarajan, Associate Professor,Department of Information technology and Academic Director of Dobbs Public School.

Mrs.K.Geethamani B.Com.,Educationalist with 20 years of experience in Pre- Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

Mrs.K.Anitha MBM,Administrator with expertise in Financial Management.

Mr. G. Karthikeyan B.B.A, Correspondent Dobbs Public School.

Our experts view is that the seed of success lies in the development of basic human characteristics that define his/her personality.To achieve this Dobbs with a comprehensive infrastructure and excellent faculty provides a congenial environment conducive  to the development of each area of a child’s personality with an objective of creating a scientific attitude,a creative bent of mind and a sensitive human being.

We are also deeply committed to our mission, which encourages all students to live their dreams. We encourage our students to pursue a wide range of interests beyond the classroom. In partnership with parents, we foster the development of each student’s potential by seeking a balance of academic, physical, social, emotional and ethical pursuits.


OUR OBJECTIVE : Nurturing Humanity through Academic Excellence and Value based Personality Development.

WE AIM AT : Child Orientad Education.

WE INSPIRE : Confidence, Discipline, Inquisitiveness and Perfection.

WE STRIVE : Towards a World where the Mind is  without Fear.

WE MAINTAIN : World Class Standards.

WE HOLD DEAR : Indian Traditions and Cultural Heritage.

OUR ASSETS & STRENGTH : Dedicated Team of qualified & experienced, Technocrats, Academicians, Counselors, Faculty and Staff Members with missionary zeal.

WE ADOPT : Scientific and Innovative techniques, making  learning “A Fun“ and an enjoyable experience.

WE HELP : The Child to unravel  the inherent potentials and talents.

WE FACILITATE :Self Reliance, Self Respect and an All Round Development.



  1. Global Orientation
  2. A Safe Stress Free and Clean Environment
  3. Pollution Free Atmosphere
  4. Safe and Clean Water
  5. Extra Coaching to Students
  6. Counseling in Behavioral and learning Problems
  7. Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
  8. Safe and Secure transport facility
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