Dobbs Public School Kindergarten education aims to promote a love for learning.

The first step towards academics is molded by firm yet gentle hands at the Dobbs Public School  Kindergarten, where the art of taking care is a joyous celebration. Kindergarten education aims to promote a love for learning and to prepare children for the journey of life-long learning. Our Kindergarten is a learning environment in which all children have the opportunity to reach their individual potential for living a contributing and fulfilling life.

We want our children in the kindergarten years to enjoy observing, exploring and discovering the world. To develop a thinking nation and life-long learners, we need to nurture children from the start, to learn to think and to think to learn.

Kindergarten is an integral part of each child s schooling. It should therefore have a position of significance and a focused study.


  1. Researched and graded content
  2. Interactive and visual study technology
  3. Worksheet for additional challenge
  4. And above all, well experienced faculty

       We thus provide the future generation a strong foundation, Socially, Emotionally, Physically, Intellectually and Innovatively.


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